by Bruce Mishkit

(Formerly Sax/Flute Lessons With The Greats)
is 90 plus pages of exercises,
etudes, and transcriptions.

A one-of-a-kind book/audio package
filled with musical examples and a wealth of
professional insight and advice.

Includes an audio CD with lesson examples
played by the artists.

"I have found this book to be highly informative and very enjoyable. Along with the accompanying CD, it's great for any musician interested in improving
their playing."
-Michael Brecker

"I thoroughly enjoyed it! A valuable asset to the student who would otherwise not have an opportunity to get to know the inner thoughts of these great players."
-Eddie Daniels

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"Unquestionably the best book for any jazz instrumentalist to buy. I've bought many and this is the only one I keep coming back to. The book is organized as lessons, one by Ernie Watts, one by Lenny Pickett, each with some text, some sheet music, and a recording of the actual player playing the lesson. The lesson by Watts is killin'. You see the music on paper OK, that's cool, but to hear him play this stuff is amazing an apparently simple triad exercise turns into a killin' jam, playing nothing but the triad exercise and he plays a lot of different exercises  including one Trane used to play enough to keep me working for months."


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